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  1. Best Selling Air Coolers in Pakistan - You Must Buy in 2020

    By evaporating water to the air that is cooler, an air cooler can work in that way since the absorption for the energy of heat, with the help of that, the temperature of the air is lowered. As a result, the air coolers that are portable require the water to operate and various recommendations of models occur and then ice is added for the effectiveness can occur at the maximum rate. To the air, a significant amount of humidity is added.
  2. Best Air Conditioner Brands in Pakistan

    An air conditioner is a machine that removes moisture and hot air from a space that is occupied to provide comfort to its occupants and it improves their comfort as well by providing them with a cool environment. Air conditioners can be used in various environments that can be both commercial or domestic. Air conditioners are particularly useful during the season of summer, to protect oneself from the heat waves of the season. Comfortable Environment by AC
  3. What are the New Initiatives taken by Government to boost Ecommerce Growth?

    In the community of business, the electronic commerce has been used very rapidly. People have used it as a means of expanding and improving their businesses worldwide. The transactions grew in a rapid manner, it resulted in a growth that eased the people's use of Internet. And now, the sector or Government all over the world are patiently waiting and trying to take over the use of internet for e-commerce and balance between a co-operation that is international along with caring for national needs that are specific.
  4. Coffee in Summer? Hell yeah!

    No matter if it’s cold outside, raining or crazy hot, a cup of coffee and you’re good to go whatever time of the day is it!
  5. 5 Must buy homeware & kitchenware for wedding gifts

    In Pakistan, weddings in the family are the best opportunities to celebrate lives and relationships closest to us. Naturally,
  6. 5 top reasons to buy a tablet

    Tablets are skyrocketing in popularity right now that top everyone’s wish list. With so many features and smart apps., this gadget has evolved from being a secondary device into a must-have gadget today.
  7. 7 Hot & Trendy Smartphone Accessories You Should Own

    We are inclining towards a completely automated world where cell phones list among necessities of life. No one can deny to the fact which is likely to be true that cell phones have made our lives easier and smarter.
  8. Reasons to upgrade to the Iconic Samsung Note 8

    Samsung and its galaxy is beaded with a plethora of shining stars that no doubt are nothing short of spectacular. Currently, the sparkling crown of royalty is over the head of the iconic “Samsung Galaxy Note 8” and the world is going gaga over it.