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7 Hot & Trendy Smartphone Accessories You Should Own

We are inclining towards a completely automated world where cell phones list among necessities of life. No one can deny to the fact which is likely to be true that cell phones have made our lives easier and smarter. With all its beauties and boons on one hand, cell phone accessories on the other hand are in fact as essential as they are. We can bet that you have a really smart champ and chances are that you may have one in your hand right at the moment. So, if you want to take your cellphone experience to the next level, check out and consider splurging on these amazing accessories.

1. Car phone holder

Whether you’re using GPS navigation for a new destination, watching movies with mates when driving, on a phone call or filming yourself while driving a car, cell phone mount is the best option to make these chores a breeze for you! Moreover, they can also act as a charger for you while driving. Just connect it with the car electrical port and you’re good to go.

2. Power bank

Power Banks are the best things after sliced bread. By charging your phones anytime anywhere up to three times, this portable device is literally a life saver. Moreover, it is a boon for times when you’re traveling or expecting something important and your phone/tablet goes off.

Whole of the world is going bonkers over it, so when are you buying one?

3. Jelly protector

Gravity can get your phone in a wink. If you want to protect the value of your device, Jelly Screen Protector is your answer! Besides providing the screen of your device protection from scratches, dust and other debris, they provide the user with great viewing experience from all angles, are super easy to install and so smooth to use.

Moreover, their super sleek material recognizes every touch and tap same way as your original screen does. 

Is your ordinary protector this smart?

4. Bluetooth phones

Ever laughed at someone speaking to him/herself? Well, he/she might be a little smarter than you my brother!
Gone are those days when you had to kink your neck while talking on phone or to hold it when working out. Bluetooth earphones/headphones are here to stay. With a bluetooth connection with your phone, they provide amazing sound while cutting the cords to keep you 100% hands and wirefree as well

And the best thing about them is a swag that makes you “oh-so-cool” for a little bit of cheese only.

When are you being smart?

5. Waterproof cell phone bags

Who doesn’t like to film themselves inside a pool? Well, if you love adventures, splashes and crazy dives then this accessory is a holy-grail for you! Many cell phone brands claim to be waterproof but they end up fooling people. This product shatters all the myths and get you same bells and whistles with maximum protection.

6. Smart Watches

This one is a must-have stuff!
Purposely designed to improve & enhance your smartphone use, these watches come with a lot of features that you can access with your fingertips. It is kind of a mojo in your wrist that enables you to connect with people, check instant notifications, enjoy music and videos, track your activity, get instant GPS directions etc. without having you to rush toward your phone. Moreover, their smart features can help you find your lost phones, keys and other devices as well. 

Can your archaic watch compete it? Of course not! Why is it still on your wrist then? Well, if you feel like buying one, you can look at some genuine online stores because they are easy available everywhere.

7. Popsockets

Ever noticed a disc slapped on the back of a random person’s phone? That’s a pop socket!

This accessory is cool yet hugely popular these days specially among millennials. It is actually a strongly adhesive disk kind of stuff that stick to the back of phone and can pop out when you need the grip. Their purpose is to get you a supportive grip to your phone, to make typing with one hand a breeze, to prop-up your phone being a stand, and is a major win when clicking selfies. Moreover, they are customizable and in no sense sound heavy on anyone’s wallet!

You’re flattered, right?

So, these are some hot and trendy pieces of accessories that you should consider investing in. If you’re seeking to buy any of these for a competitive price, just make your way straight to this smart online store, that has amazing options ready to knock your door.