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5 Must buy homeware & kitchenware for wedding gifts

In Pakistan, weddings in the family are the best opportunities to celebrate lives and relationships closest to us. Naturally, we all can relate to the feeling of receiving a wedding card or news of someone close getting married. However, for many of us, that excitement quickly turns into a twitchiness when it comes to picking the perfect wedding gift for the couple.

Well, if you’re one..scream with joy because, one of the best online shopping sites in Pakistan is here! With an amazing inventory of home appliances & kitchen electronic products in Pakistan, you can surely find something that will help the couple remember the day.

Here in this blog, gift experts at Buhatala have mustered up some of our best selling products that you can gift to someone very close getting married.

Come let’s take a closer look!

1. Homage washing machines

Not all washing machines were created equal!

Some appliances are crazy expensive, and some hit a bit less hard, but they hit too...And the washing machine is the latter category. This gift counts as a nice wedding favor to the happy couple and of course, a basic lifestyle-need these days. Homage washing machines are one of the best selling machines these days. Known for low noise, their smart washing machines are super budget friendly. So, if you have a wedding coming ahead, put your trust in this brand and go for it.

2. Boss stick blender

Stick blenders have long been some of the most popular gifts for weddings. One by Sinbo is our best selling product as it is super versatile & super handy! They are readily available at this electrical food blenders shop online at the best price in Pakistan. Also, you can avail free shipping on your order, so why not think about it?

3. Westpoint dough maker

Kneading the dough is mainly the worst part roti-lovers and baking aficionados hate about baking & making their own roties at home. However, this Westpoint dough maker, no doubt a mojo has powers to turn this fuss into an excitement! Now you can help your loved ones prepare a bomb-ass ready to rock dough at home. They come with over 2 years of warranty and are so damn powerful. Moreover, besides being super easy to operate, they are designed specially that you can clean it super easy with no fuss at all.  

And if you’re looking to buy them, look no further than so you can unlock the best price & free delivery. Give it a try!

4. Sinbo air fryer & multi fryer

If your fitness freak cousin or a niece/nephew getting married, this is the best thing you can gift them. Sinbo has an amazing range of decent and efficient air fryers in the whole market, that eliminate extra oil from your food and get you same bells & whistles. Like the best gadget, you can gift to a fitness enthusiast. Check their entire range at the best fryer & cooker price in Pakistan and get set to amaze the couple.  

5. Annex juicers & extractors

For health-conscious couples, juicers can make a thoughtful gift. And Annex has the art to turn mere a machine into a blessing. They are super reliable and made to stay a lifetime. Especially their Ag 89 Deluxe 800 is skyrocketing in popularity these days. It has Stainless steel housing + safe & stainless blades and filters and a large tub for juicing. Moreover, it comes with an extended warranty so you can rest assured of the quality.

So, these are a few products that Pakistan loves buying these days and have amazing reviews across the web. Try them out & share your reviews in the comments with us.