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Best Air Conditioner Brands in Pakistan

An air conditioner is a machine that removes moisture and hot air from a space that is occupied to provide comfort to its occupants and it improves their comfort as well by providing them with a cool environment. Air conditioners can be used in various environments that can be both commercial or domestic. Air conditioners are particularly useful during the season of summer, to protect oneself from the heat waves of the season. 

Comfortable Environment by AC
Air conditioners are used for achieving an environment in the interior that is comfortable for animals and humans as well, it is used for dehumidifying and cooling rooms as well that is filled with the electronic devices that produce a massive amount of heat such as amplifiers that are powerful, servers of computer and for displaying products that are delicate such as artwork and other contrivances.
Use of Air Conditioners in Pakistan
Since Pakistan is a country that suffers from an extreme weather condition during summer, purchasing or setting up air conditioner has become compulsory for almost every household, organizations or educational institutions. Air conditioners have made the lives of Pakistani people more comfortable.
Air Conditioner brands of Pakistan
Some of the best air conditioner brands of Pakistan are as follows;
● Dawlance
● Kenwood
● Gree
● Haier
● Orient.
Dawlance AC
The brand of Dawlance is one of the best brands of AC in Pakistan. It has manufactured two series of air conditioners such as; the inverter series and the non-inverter series.
Inverter Series
The Inverter Series is the best AC for the season of summer and with the device of this series, consumers do not have to worry about massive billings as well.

It possesses a technology of Advanced Typhoon Air with the indoors that are big and more air is thrown out with one of the best solutions for the hot season of the year.

It has a swing of wide-angle, with a design that is elegant and a design that is hidden as well. It also has a feature for the mode of the turbo with a method of cooling quickly.

Along with all of that, this air conditioner also has a function of heat and cool inside of it.
Non-Inverter Series
The air conditioners of non-inverter series has a design blending that is convenient and durable as well. It has a glass design that is elegant along with the support of a voltage that is low. It has a compressor of high-efficiency that makes this model worth purchasing. These air conditioners have a connecting pipe that is made 100% of pipe with an outage of memory power.

Kenwood AC
A range of air conditioners is offered by Kenwood with cool and heat air conditioners with the features that are the latest and modern.
Such as the technology of DC inverter which gives the efficiency of energy by 75% and a system of heating and cooling is ensured by it as well.

Function of I-Cool in Kenwood
An excellent design is offered by it that blends well with the interior of one’s house.

The function of i-cool is a program that is built-in for cooling that is instant and into the indoor temperature.
It is initially set to the 10oC and when it operates for approximately forty-five minutes or one hour, the indoor temperature is switched to the 24oC and a room temperature around 24oC is maintained.

Not only that, but the air conditioners of Kenwood provide a significant amount of warmth in the season of winter and a coolness that is refreshing in the season of summer.
Haier AC
If you are in search of a way to make yourself feel cool in the season of summer, the air conditioners of Haier are a best choice for you because they are very useful for keeping you feeling chilled.
The units of AC that are portable offers a window to the Haier AC to fit one’s space and to keep the temperature at a perfect range.

It is the best choice as Prices of Haier ACs are quite reasonable.
Large Size and Easy to Use ACs
The company of Haier manufactures such air conditioners that have a large size, The options of features are good. However, they are not as large as various other brands such as LG and Friedrich.

There are no capabilities of heating in the ACs in the company of Haier. One can keep their air conditioners giving out cool air by the cleaning for the unit of window for AC.

Easy Cleaning
If the air conditioners give air that is not cool, one can clean it instead. Recharging is not required by the refrigerator unless the system that possesses a closed-loop develops a certain amount of leak.

Because of the pollutants in the refrigerator that cause ozone depletion, it is not recommended to recharge the unit of the window AC by oneself.
Gree AC

The company of Gree manufactures appliances of electricity.

It is a company that is owned partially by the appliance that is Chinese and is partially owned by it as well. In the province of Guangdong, Zhuhai is its headquarters located. This company is famous for manufacturing some of the largest air-conditioners in the residential areas.

Lowest Rating of SEER
With the model of Sapphire, a rating of 38 SEET is boasted by Gree. An average rating held by Gree is for 13 models and 23 across as well. The lowest rating of SEER is only 16. It shows in the air conditioners manufactured by Gree that out of comfort, they have made their tagline.

Modern Technology Features
The Gree company produces such products that are of modern technology and company. It also has an availability for the units of Wi-Fi that are enabled. Its products are such that they are efficient in energy.

Products and Series by Gree
Some of the best products for this company are as follows;
Viola Series; the smart inverter of Viola was introduced by Gree all over Pakistan. They are the smart inverters and are highly efficient for energy.
Cozy Series: This series from Gree is one of the best-selling one among them all because of its inverter technology of G10.
U-Crown Series: This air conditioner for the inverter provides a solution that is reliable for the summer days. They have a design that is sleek and an operating system for Wi-Fi as well.

The Air conditioners mentioned above are of the finest quality as they never fail in providing their customers with the refreshing coolness during the season of summer and warmth during the season of winter.