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Reasons to upgrade to the Iconic Samsung Note 8

Samsung and its galaxy is beaded with a plethora of shining stars that no doubt are nothing short of spectacular. Currently, the sparkling crown of royalty is over the head of the iconic “Samsung Galaxy Note 8” and the world is going gaga over it. This bomb is one of the most expensive smartphones in the industry right now. But if you take a little time digging for the right place to buy, it can be a little cheaper.
Come let’s explore some reasons why you should consider this beauty as your next phone.

1.  The bomb-ass camera


The gang of its dual 12MP rear cameras with different focal lenses & 8MP selfie cameras is a cut above the rest and a bliss for selfie lovers. It rocks image zooming and blurs the background like a pro. Moreover, a tap away, there are tons of options to make your pictures crazy amazing even after being captured.

2.  The bombastic sound and display


No matter what age you are, this phone has multiple options that allow you to set the suitable listening options for your ear. While the display is just breathtaking. With a state-of-the-art 6.3 inches curved & flexible OLED display with blurred edges, it shellacs the Samsung S8 with 20% extra space.

3. The mighty stylus


The S Pen is more than just a stylus. This smartpen gets you command on the air touch, allows you to write quick notes without unlocking your phone, doubles as a magnifier and has so many other options to leave you aghast

4.  Dual scanning


This gadget comes with a fingerprint and iris scan option. No matter if you have sweaty fingers, you can unlock your phone with its smart scanner that allows you a couple of option to unlock each time you pick your phone.

5.  The Bixby


This device comes with a smart virtual-assistance that makes your life a breeze. It doesn’t let you miss any event, becomes your back when you have tasks to do, has a vision of its own and has multiple features that will make it more like your best friend.

Well, if these are enough for you to be a fan and you feel like buying one anytime soon, this online store can help you get there!